red diesel bug removal from boats, vehicles and agricultural machinery

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Model Number FS 500 FS1000 FS2000

Filtration Capacity

3.8LPM 11.4LPM 22.7LPM
Filters Available 2/10/30 Microns 2/10/30 Microns 2/10/30 Microns
Water Removal Efficiency 99% 99% 99%
Water in Bowl Capacity 109ML 305ML 610ML
Motor Flow Rate 2LPM 10LPM 28LPM
Voltage 12v 220v 220v
Weight (Dry) TBC 22KG 34KG
Height 290MM 890MM 890MM
Width TBC 380MM 490MM
Depth TBC 490MM 490MM
Recommended Single Pass Operation Time Per 100L 30 Minutes 10 Minutes 5 minutes
Price £POA £POA £POA


Contaminated diesel cleaned of water, microbial diesel bug, sludge, rust deposits and other debris