diesel bug


water, microbes and diesel bug removed from contaminated fuel with no loss of fuel

Prices from only 90

Phone DBR On:

07923 835432

diesel bug fuel cleaning solution phone number

Phone DBR on 07923 835432

Currently operational in Worcestershire, Gloucestershire, Somerset, Monmouth and Brecon

Diesel Bug Cleaning-Area of Operation

The map below shows the approximate area of operation that we service with our diesel bug mobile removal equipment.

A view can always be taken on how far we will travel to rid your fuel map showing diesel bug removal and fuel tank cleaning area of operation including the midlands and south west of englandtanks of diesel bugs, water, sludge and rust debris.

 Call us with details of location and extent of the problem i.e. how many litres of fuel to clean.

Normal service area includes, Kennet and Avon canal, Gloucester and Sharpness canal, river Avon river Severn, Bristol, Monmouth, Devizes. The fuel cleaning service is of great assistance to narrow boat and power boat users of the UK inland waterways system, as well as those intending to pass through the sea locks and go tidal for a trip to Bristol.

If you are outside our area we may be able to put you in touch with another diesel bug remover, closer to your location, who uses the same equipment or negotiate travel expenses. It costs nothing to ask.


DBR, Saul Junction Marina, Church Lane, Frampton on Severn, Gloucestershire, GL27JY

Fuel tank cleaning. Contaminated diesel cleaned of water, microbial diesel bug, sludge, rust deposits and other debris