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Diesel Fuel Contamination

Diesel Fuel Contamination

diesel contamination
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Diesel fuel contamination can take many forms but the introduction of the new bio diesel fuels, as a result of EEC legislation is becoming an increasing player.

Bio-diesel can absorb up to 1500ppm of water, much higher than pertro-diesel’s 50ppm providing a better environment for diesel fuel contamination. The means that any user of the bio fuels will have a greater quantity of water in their fuel than non bio diesels users. Temperature changes in the fuel tank result in condensation and the water sinking to the bottom providing an interface where the microbial diesel bug lives, breeds and dies building up as a sludge in the bottom of the fuel tank.

Other causes of diesel fuel contamination are poor fuel storage, sloppy fuel transfer and housekeeping practices, and can result in water, sand grit, dust and other debris ending up in the fuel.

Diesel contamination due to the introduction of lower sulphur content diesel fuel is causing sluggish engine performance, engine failure and general wear and tear on diesel engines in narrow boats, farm machinery like tractors and harvesters, boats, haulage industry and heavy plant contractors.

Diesel fuel additives can control or kill diesel bug but will not remove it, relying on the diesel engines ow combustion to burn off the microbes during normal running, however there is evidence that some engines are simply not able to cope with this and engine failures are being reported.

Latest news on the wire is that the authorities at Sharpness are insisting on documentary evidence for boat owners of having their diesel fuel polished before being allowed to exit the canal system and head into tidal waters due to the potential of engine breakdown.

Diesel fuel contamination is becoming a growing problem, but solutions are available.



Agricultural Farm Machinery and Diesel Bug Cleaning for Tractors, Hoes, Combine Harvesters, Reapers

Diesel Bug Cleaning

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New red ULSD will, in all probability, contain up to 7% biodiesel and this tends to attract water. If it is not removed it can promote bacterial growth (diesel  bug) that will inevitably lead to the formation of sludge that can corrode fuel tanks, block fuel filters and damage injection systems.

Agriculural machinery can spend long periods of time standing idle and then need to be brought in to play at short notice at critical times due to the fickle nature of our weather systems and seasonal changes.

Crops wont wait and the sun and rain do not always work in the farmers favour.

Discovering that the all important machine needed that day or week has had its fuel tank infected with diesel bug is a major concern to farmers and contractors, and the thought of losing hundreds of litres of red diesel to try and cure the problem also hits the purse before the crops are even harvested or the ground ploughed.

Fuel polishing to eliminate diesel bug is becoming more accepted as the method to be sure the fuel tanks are free of diesel bug, water, sludge and other debris, with no fuel lost as a result of the diesel bug cleaning process.

Fuel lines will still have to be cleaned and filters changed but that is a part of regular maintenance more readily available at short notice.

Diesel bug in fuel storgae tanks and individual machine fuel tanks is a topic of debate in many communities that are regular users of the new low sulphur red diesel fuels, and it is not going to go away soon. At least there is now an affordable and readily available solution.