Diesel Bug Symptoms

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What Are The Symptoms Of Diesel Bug

There is an increasing usage of biofuels to diesel fuel, and diesel fuel with bio content is 4 times more likely to attract bug growth and show symptoms of diesel bug than regular diesel fuel.

The symptoms of Diesel Bug in fuel include:

  • Poor starting
  • A black or brown sludge wrapped around fuel filters, resulting in regular fuel filter changes
  • Clogged fuel lines
  • Clogged fuel pump
  • Slime or sludge, brown or black in colour in the filter
  • Poor engine performance
  • Engine failure
  • Blocked fuel injectors
  • Smelly fuel and smoky exhaust
pure diesel after the fuel polishing process

After Polishing

a symptom of diesel bug

Before Polishing

If these symptoms are ignored then engine failure can result. Maybe not a problem on still water like an inland canal, but on the sea or river it can be disastrous. In any case it can be a headache and an expensive fix if allowed to get too advanced. Mobile fuel polishing, using micron filtering equipment  brought to the problem sites location, is designed to remove contamination and return pure diesel back into the fuel tank with no loss of fuel during the process.

No matter how fastidious the engine owner is, if he fills up from a storage point that already has contaminated fuel he will simply import the problem on board. Even if the tank starts out spotlessly clean, any period of prolonged non use will allow the fuel to stagnate, water to form as a result of condenstaion and the recipe for contamination is born.

The symptoms of diesel bug or bad fuel in the tank are not that hard to recognise but dealing with the problem requires a combination of fuel polishing using water removing equipment, good housekeeping, careful choice of where to get the diesel from when a fill up is needed, possibly some additives to kill the bug ready for the annual fuel polishing process.