Fuel Tank Cleaning Service

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Mobile Fuel Tank Cleaning Service

fuel polishing equipment to remove water and diesel bug

Fuel Polishing Equipment Used to Clean Diesel Fuel

A mobile diesel fuel tank cleaning service is now operational with its base at Saul Junction Marina, Frampton on Severn, Gloucestershire. The equipment used to filter and polish the diesel fuel from water, sludge and diesel bug contaminated fuel tanks is fully transportable and can arrive on site to solve what would otherwise be a dirty, long and expensive job for a diesel engineer or engine owner.The fuel tank cleaning service is best seen in the video on the new www.diesel-bug.com website.

Although based in Gloucestershire the fuel tank cleaning service can extend to other areas as it is transported in the back of a van to be on site once a call out is recieved. The approximate area of operation can be seen here though a phone call can establish the viability of traveling to your particular site once distance and fuel quantity to be cleaned has been established.