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Diesel Bug Remover

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DBR diesel bug removal - mobile fuel polishing service

Diesel bug and water removing service

A new mobile service in based in Gloucestershire is now operational to be on site and remove water, diesel bug and other contamination from red diesel fuel tanks with no loss of fuel. The new website that supports this initiative and gives contact details is http://www.diesel-bug.com and describes in detail the diesel bug and water removal process.

It has all come about as a result of an EEC directive to reduce the sulphur content in diesel fuel and so enabling a fertile breeding ground for microbial bacteria to flourish. The bacteria breed quickly, die and descend to form a sludge at the bottom of the fuel tank, which is commonly referred to as DIESEL BUG. It’s not just microbes that are the culprit. Diesel fuel is an unstable fuel and as it degrades it forms a sludge or slime and it is this that is the real cause of blockages  and can only be properly dealt with by regular fuel polishing.

The resultant slime gets sucked up in the fuel lines, blocks injectors and fuel filters and results in engine failure. The new service owner, Peter Jones, expects to be very busy, very soon, as the word is already spreading around the narrow boat community as the diesel bug problem makes itself felt and engineers have to find a way of dealing with it. The traditional cure was a complete emptying of the tank, fuel discarded and the tank cleaned. A messy, time consuming and expensive job. The new way conserves all the fuel and is very quick by comparison.

Visit the diesel bug website for more information and phone number.

The new diesel bug mobile, on site service is designed to reach the Gloucester and Sharpness canal, Kennet and Avon canal, River Severn, River Avon, Devizes, Wiltshire, Monmouth and Brecon canal area and a comfortable travelling radius from its base in the Saul Junction Marina in Frampton on Severn. Other locations to travel to can be considered so a phone call is always worth the effort as the it could save the boat owner a lot of time and money in lost fuel and engine problems.