red diesel bug removal and removing water from diesel storage tanks

water, microbes and diesel bug removed from back up generator fuel storage tanks with no loss of fuel

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Phone DBR on 07923 835432

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Removing Water From Diesel Storage Tanks

When bio diesel is held in storage tanks for any length of time, even if in regular use, there will be some water separation that will sink to the bottom of the storage tank and accumulate.

removing water from diesel fuel storage tankIn time the level of water will reach the intake feed pipe and be sucked into the fuel lines and filters. Before this happens there is a very likely chance that the sludge and slimy diesel bug microbial build up will be floating at the interface of the diesel fuel and water and be first up the pipe.

Noticeable by the slimy appearance on the walls of the fuel filters engine failure is inevitable. Where the engine is being used as a back up generator to replace electrical power in a power cut situation, the results can be a very real emergency. Especially crucial if the purpose is to back up power to hospitals and other emergency services. The inset pictures are diesel storage tanks that had their fuel polished by DBR in order to getremoving water from red diesel fuel storage tank production back on line. In one case, as the photo shows, water was evident in large quantities.

The DBR diesel fuel polishing machinery will remove, diesel bug, water, sludge and other contaminating debris from storage tanks  WITH NO LOSS OF FUEL as all the fuel is purified and returned to the main tank. This can save thousands of litres of diesel fuel, down time and tank cleaning expense.

Phone if you think you may have a diesel fuel problem , or simply want your fuel polished as a precaution to give peace of mind.

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Contaminated diesel back up generator and storage tanks cleaned of water, microbial diesel bug, sludge, rust deposits and other debris